Price – Single Knee Pro: $1734 CDN

Price – Double Knee Pro: $1934 CDN

The Anodyne Therapy Knee Pro is an all-in-one Plug and Play system. This unit comes with 2 therapy pads pre-positioned into a Velcro knee brace for easy out of the box treatment. This product is available as a Single unit for use of one knee at a time or as a Double unit for use with two knees at the same time.

  • 4 Therapy Pads (for the Double) or 2 Therapy Pads (for the Single) each have 60 infrared diodes and are the size of a playing card
  • Each Therapy Pad are preset to emit 800 mW of energy
  • Therapy pads are placed in contact with the skin and inset into pre-positioned Velcro knee brace