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The Brain light Pro is a flexible pad containing light emitting diodes (LEDs) These LEDs are imbedded below the surface of the pad to maximize user comfort. The LEDs temporarily increase circulation and pain where applied. The Brain Light Pro has been designed to be quickly applied to the head and neck during a treatment session that typically lasts for 20 minutes. Brain Light products are available for both professional and home use. Individuals can apply the Brain Light Pro in seconds, push the “on button” lie back, and receive the soothing stimulation at pre-measured doses of 20 minutes.

Drug Free TBI, TBI Treatment, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke symptoms, Cognitive therapy and more!


How Does this Work?

LEDs of the wavelength used in the Brain Light Pro have been shown to increase blood flow to the brain. Highly sophisticated brain imaging technology called SPECT has graphically demonstrated this medical phenomenon. Adequate blood flow to the brain, like other organs, is essential for proper cellular function. LED technology has been shown to stimulate mitochrondrial respiration and function – these bean-shaped cellular structures are the body’s powerhouse in producing the energy necessary for supporting all bodily systems.