Cecelta White is the ideal to person introduce Infrared Light Therapy to the Okanagan Diagnosed with a spinal disease when she was 7 years old, Cecelta has lived with chronic pain for most of her life.  Her mother taught her to strive for optimal health regardless of her medical condition.  Growing up in B.C., she learned to grow food in their organic garden and to use herbal medicines when appropriate.  Living a life full of fresh air, sunshine, clean water and exercise helped Cecelta manage her chronic pain and to  live a full and healthy life. This led to her pursuing a career in Natural Health Science, specializing in Nutrition, Biofeedback and Herbalism. Owning and operating a Natural Health Clinic in Ontario for 15 years, Cecelta helped others to strive for optimal health.  Cecelta moved back to her hometown of Vernon where she discovered the benefits of Infrared Light Therapy. This therapy has significantly reduced her chronic back pain and migraines.  Now in partnership with Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio, Cecelta is introducing Infrared Light Therapy to the Okanagan. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, drawing, gardening, music, nature walks, tai chi, and traveling.